Fallacies Defined


Since you like to toss these around so much I figure you should be a mensch and have some idea about what these actually mean.

I think CSGnet might also benefit from knowing this as well.

Btw, If you would like Bryan, I can provide some very good examples for you to see. Let me know if you do.

ad hominem: attacking the person rather than his or her qualifications or ideas

red herring: introducing an irrelevant or secondary subject
and thereby diverting attention from the main subject. Usually
the red herring is an issue about which people have strong
opinions, so that no one notices how their attention is being
diverted. In a discussion of the relative safety of different makes
of cars, for instance, the issue of which cars are made in America
is a red herring.

straw man: caricaturing an opposing view so that it is easy to
refute: see Rule 5.