Flexible Tracker New version

[Martin Taylor 2014.]

Attached is a new version of the Flexible Tracker, which doubtless has
many bugs, but it does more than previous versions did. If you want to
do repeated trials with the same disturbance, compare pursuit with
compensatory tracking, check the effect of different target-cursor
separation, or the effect of being unable to see the target for some
period, and the like, you might find this useful.

You should install Processing 2.0.3 from Processing.org. It ought to
work with later versions, but I have used it only with 2.0.3. This
distribution is source-code only, and runs within the Processing
program. Installation and operating instructions are in a Read-Me file.

If Processing 2.0.3 is installed, just open the zip file somewhere to
get a folder FlexibleTracker_b2h, in which is the ReadMe and several
other files. Read the ReadMe, open FlexibleTracker_b2h.pde and run a


FlexibleTracker_b2h.zip (387 KB)