Flyballs, Space/time and Control of energy

( Gavin
Ritz 2011.

Here is my belated response
to the flyball saga and energy.

Below (drawing) is the
simple depiction of a flight of a ball and actually how it is all put together
mathematically. From basic principles.

The drawing shows the
combination of space and time it’s
just the level (height) and the line (distance). The two are put together by
the logical connective “and”. “And” is just
multiplication in our mathematical lexicon. (See Lawvere, Introduction to

The math we use for that
below is just integration. (pieces of “plane” and “line”).

So when we put the two together
“line” and “plane” that’s space/time.

Jaques has show though
his tests and experiments that “and” is one of the logical operators
used by the mind.

Rick Marken
has shown though PCT and flyballs that an individual controls (line and plane) using
the PCT control model.

PCT (Powers) has shown us
the mechanics of control is thorough the control system.

Category theory shows that
multiplication is really the logical “and” operator.

has shown us through Relativity that gravity, energy and space-time
are all related.

De Lange
has shown through his experiments that we learn in energetic spectrums, like

From those simple statements
above we can see that if we put some of these simple concepts together.

We get.

Control of space/time,
through controlling plane “and” line (Marken)

“And” is a logical
brain connective. (Jaques)

and energy and gravity are related (Einstein).

Living organisms Control

The mind is energy ( de

We are controlling energy in the mind.

This leaves one big
question if “And” is one of the logical operator of the mind, where
does it come from???