For GSGNet? (fwd)

This was sent to me to forward to CSG.


To CSGNet,

(If you don't know me, ignore this message, it is intended for
those who do -- or did.)

Gentlepersons, this is a plea from the evil Bourbon person. I
implore you to refrain from posting, on CSGnet, ignorant (as in
uninformed) assumptions concerning my thoughts, intentions,
motives, plans, loyalty, integrity, friendship -- in a phrase, my
"reference perceptions." And, please, stop imagining actions that
you attribute to me, but that never occurred. I do not care about
private gossip among various ones of you but, please, stop
posting uninformed personal opinions about me to CSGNet.

For the past seven years, I was absent from CSGNet, at least my
actual personal self was absent. In my corporeal form, I am no
threat to any of you. I am gone. My professional career is ruined
and ended, my financial affairs are a shambles, and I am
preoccupied with my own survival, and with caring for my dying

In my physical absence, someone created a Bourbon ghost and
continues to parade it across CSGNet, frightening the innocent
with its horrendous qualities. To the ghost are attributed
thoughts, motives and actions that never occurred in my corporeal
life. My physical self is continually astonished to read the
motives and exploits of the ghostly me. Alas, the exploits of the
apparition fill the archives of CSGNet, and the ghost is to be my
historical legacy in PCT science. Sic transit . . . and all that
other good stuff.

If it helps to advance my plea, I admit, here and now, that
I never understood a damned thing about PCT and it looks like I
will never again teach my decidedly warped interpretation of PCT.
Those who lived in fear, rejoice! The Dark Side of PCT is
vanquished! You can reign forever, in fair-haired splendor!

To help relieve any he or she who felt grievously persecuted, I
admit that she or he is right: Through it all, I was at best a
money-grubbing, power-crazed, unethical, oppressive,
unprofessional, ignorant ass -- and for good measure, I was
rabid. (I know that other alleged Bourbon attributes were paraded
across CSGNet, but is this enough for now?)

Please, in the interests of what should be PCT the science, do
not make me a focus of debate and contention on CSGNet any
longer. Please, no matter how good your intentions, do not
forward me more CGSNet messages in which the fantasized Bourbon
is trotted out for another thrashing. Please, I ask that no one
else try to take up my case and defend me, should someone
fantasize the frightful apparition onto the net again. I assure
you, the dreamer's fever will soon subside and the ghost will
fade away in silence, unto the dark place whence it came.

(A brief note for the record: As of August, 2001, Ed Ford assumed
total responsibility for teaching PCT when he trains educators to
use his Responsible Thinking Process in their schools. I no
longer participate in helping him to train educators in their
schools, or to evaluate them in their schools. I can no longer
speak authoritatively about the way PCT is taught or interpreted
in schools where educators use Ed's RTP.) (I speak for my
physical self. As for my ghost . . ..)

Tom Bourbon

[From Bill Powers (2002.10.18.1319 MDT)]

Isaac(2002.19,17) --

Gentlepersons, this is a plea from the evil Bourbon person.

I am trying to think of something constructive to do. I won't necessarily
post any result to the net.

Bill P.

Dear Tom,

Sorry to hear that things are not going well.

Wishing you and your family well.

An old friend from Nacogdoches, TX days.

David Goldstein, Ph.D.


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[From Bill Powers (2002.10.18.1319 MDT)]

Isaac(2002.19,17) --

>Gentlepersons, this is a plea from the evil Bourbon person.

I am trying to think of something constructive to do. I won't necessarily
post any result to the net.

Bill P.


I would like to help Tom Bourbon. Would you please pass on to him my desire?

He may contact me at or telephone me collect during the day at 724-468-6032 or at night at 724-468-8076.

Thank you, my friend,