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David Wolsk

Journal of Applied Systems Study
No 1, 2000

The Circularity of Living Systems - The Movement & Direction of Behavior
Jane Cull


The normal western objective worldview assumes a pre-existing identity, the
self. The self controls behavior through direction, goals, outcomes, etc.,
which is measured and assessed according to time. Experiences though reflect
something else. Behavior does not flow in a linear direction according to
time according to a set plan. As a result behavior is difficult to predict
even though we may want certainty. These experiences reflect that something
else going on.
           It is the emotions, biological bodily dispositions that appear as
different kinds of patterns of behavior that orientates the motion of
behavior. These biological dispositions are circular patterns of activity
reflecting operational closure. That is, as living systems we are not open,
we are closed. We cannot do repetitive or circular patterns of behavior
without operational closure.
          This is the awareness and application of how we are and what we do
as living systems.

Keywords: Applied Living Systems, Existence, Identity, Survival, Direction,
Behavior, Space, Time, Circularity, Emotions.