from Bill -- a pretty good spam filter

[From Bill Powers (2007.12.18.0928 MST)]

I have found a free spam filter (recommended by PC World) that seems to
be working quite well, though it’s a little tricky to install. It’s
called SpamBayes.

This might get you to it, but if not, a Google should do it.,23098-page,1-c,spamblockers/description.html

Read the instructions!

You have to tell SpamBayes the address your email programs uses to get
mail (look in the Preferences or Options – Options for my Eudora), and
then you have to tell your email program to receive its mail from
localhost (literally that word) instead of the address that was there.
And finally, you have to add two header filters in your email program


with whatever directions you need to send mail to trash or wherever you
want to save spam to check it before deleting, and


with directions to send this good mail (“ham”) to the

With Eudora you open a “Filters” menu choice under
“Tools”, pick “NEW”, and enter the above filters by
typing the left part with the colon into the place at top right
where you choose a header (it’s not in the drop-down list), and then
“ham” or “spam” into the place where you enter the
search text. Do a NEW before adding each filter. Leave the second
criterion blank, and don’t forget to specify a destination in the bottom
part of the screen. Here’s how it looks for Eudora for the second


You train the spam filter by using the email program in the usual way,
then right-clicking the Spambayes icon in the system tray at the bottom
of the screen and clicking on Review Messages. You tell the program which
entries are spam and which are OK (and which to ignore), click on Train,
and exit. I’ve trained mine on about 45 messages so far and there have
been no mistakes today (7 spams in the trash, all correctly identified).
A total of 15 good messages and 30 spams so far. You can safely
read the messages when using Review Messages.

Note that this program is detecting this spam in email that has already
gone through the Barracuda spam filter at the ISP.


Bill P.