FW: Behavior: the control of SENSATION?

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See this lovely article, which poses serious questions to B:CP via its well-argued and empirically-supported view of Perception as Closed-Loop Convergence (P:CLC). Then behaviour is not the control of PERCEPTION.


RM: I don’t see much relevance of this paper to PCT. PCT explains the controlling done by living organisms. This paper purports to explain perception. Perception is certainly a component of control but how it is done is not really important to PCT as long as the process provides analogs of the variables that are controlled. What am I missing?

HB : Everything. Perception is the most important part of PCT. It’s “Perceptual Control Theory”. And it is true that “The behaviour is not the control of pereption”. Behaviour is consequence of control of perception. It comes after control done in comparator (error signal).




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