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Subject: Control my behavior

PY : Let’s see who can control my behavior. You say you can control my finger position if I am controlling the knot position. Let’s see if you can control what I say if I am controlling the truth of my statements. This is a game called persuasion. What statement will I admit?

HB : Bravo. It’s up to you whether you’ll let people know what you control and what you don’t or whether you’ll accept “control” or not. TCV (Test for the controllled variable) will show nothing if people will hide or lie what their real intentions are. They can show only their “masks”.

People are more or less good at hidding their real intentions. Specialy actors. Although I think people are in general better and worse actors specialy when they really wish to achieve their goals.

So I think it’s impossible to find out what people really think or feel if they don’t want to show. They can manipulate, lie, cheat, make excuses, etc… They can even act behaviors so to trick other people what they really want. Somebody can kindly approach to you and in next moment you can feel knife in your stomach. Its’ hard to “read” people real intentions or why they are doing something. It can happen that people are living toghether for a long time and finally they discover that really they don’t know each other, maybe because they are so good at hidding their real personality. that But some people are very opened and they can be “read” very quickly who they really are. I think that politicians are specialist for hiding their real thoughts, feelings, intentions.

Researhes with twins that were in different families showed very different personal characteristics till age 18-20. They were more like their foster parents. After age of 20 they started to show quite similar characteristic of personality and more like to their biological parents.In some cases they start to wear the same clothes. It depended how severe upbringing was and how much child fear parents so to comply and “think the same” and of course hide real personality. When they grow up they don’t have to fear any more and they start to express their real personality.

So I think that you will hide and admitt only those statements that you want. People are in control. They are not controlled. But they can pretend that they are controlled or they can agree with control until they are achieving at least minimal goal of survival. Even under threat of death most people will comply, but there are also people who will rather die then to comply. I think this shows that people are in control no matter how they act.