FW: REPLY PCT and an economic emergency (SD7275)

[From Fred Nickols (2008.12.10.0727 MST)]

The message I'm forwarding from the SD list has a link to an interesting article.



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Subject: REPLY PCT and an economic emergency (SD7275)
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Given the current conversation I thought it would be appropriate to repost
the link
to a paper that I found at this web site:


Title: The Financial Meltdown, How did we get in this mess? by Philip
Protter. September 29, 2008

This 6 page article begins with the passing of the (USA) Glass-Steagall act
of 1933 and, over the years, the gradual implementation and subsequent
removal of protections that it and
other laws and regulations had created.

I believe that it discusses, without saying so, steps implemented and later
removed that would have dampened oscillations. Not sure about that...

- Richard
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