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i.kurtzer (980707.0100)

closing note


< And I don't think "helping" simply involves the coincidental equality

of reference signals in control systems of unequal strength. This is
accidental helping at best. Real helping -- intentionally helping
another control system to control better -- is a much more complex
process which involves education as well as direct (intentional)
physical assisistance.

I agree the characterizations are currently limited. Hell, that's been my
position. But the principle is the same no matter how complex the models
become--classification is a function of BOTH agents.

I also don't agree with your definition of cooperation.
It may be that the two control systems have to have equal
references at some level but they certainly don't have to be
of equal strength and they typically have to control _different_
lower level perceptions in order to achieve the cooperative
result (the latter fact is what is most interesting about

the principle is the same, just shifted up a level. In fact, I can see
persons cooperating at one level and conflicting at a lower level. You'll
have to defuse this some other way.

bring the cod-piece