Gibbs, Ruler

[From Rick Marken (970307.1200 PST)]

Jim Chriss (970307) --

Welcome, Jim!

I'd like to know what anyone on this list makes of sociologist Jack Gibbs'
control theory, especially as delineated in his two books Control (1989),
and A Theory About Control (1994)? Is it relevant to PCT?

I haven't read it (or heard of it) but it sure does sound relevant to PCT!
Perhaps you (or someone else familiar with his work) could summarize Gibbs'
main points about control?

Bruce Abbott (970307.1430 EST)

However, there are ways around the problem, although I don't have the time
to go into them here. Using his own method, Norman Anderson (a physicist
turned psychologist, would you believe) concluded that Fechner was right
and Stevens was wrong.

Norman Anderson was able to obtain measures of the open loop perceptual
function using his method (anaysis of variance)? You crack me up, Bruce!

Do you want me to appoint someone else to annoy Rick while I'm out

You don't annoy me, Bruce. You just disappoint me (well, I suppose being
disappointed all the time gets pretty annoying;-))

I hereby appoint Gary Cziko.

Bad choice. Gary NEVER annoys me:-)