Going to the PCC

[From Rick Marken (991213.0930)]

Bruce Abbott (991213.1150 EST)--

Excellent! Recursive satire!




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[From Bruce Abbott (991213.1150 EST)]

Rick Marken (991212.1812) --

Congratulations. I think you have found a beautiful new velvet
glove to conceal the iron fist of behavior modification. It's
called "reorganization". No one will ever notice that you care not
a whit about the child's own structure of wants. And those who
disagree with you will appear to be advocates of disruption and

Teacher: "Now Rick, didn't you make a public pledge on CSGnet to avoid
         sarcasm and ad hominem attacks?"

   Rick: "Er, well, yes, I did say something along those lines. But Bruce
          started it!"

Teacher: "And what's the rule?"

   Rick: "If I disrupt CSGnet then I need to go to the PCC so I can work on a
          plan on how to avoid being sarcastic in the future."

Teacher: "O.K. Then if you disrupt again, you will go, right?"

   Rick: "Right."

Somewhat later:


Yes. What could be nicer? We force a child to commit to making
no disruptions for the child's own sake. Anyone who points out
that forcing this commitment ignores the child's own structure
of wants is obviously an advocate of classroom mayhem.

Teacher: "Rick, I see you have chosen to go to the PCC."

   Rick: I guess my plan for avoiding sarcasm isn't working. Maybe Mr. Bill
          in the PCC can help me come up with a better plan. Bye."


Bruce A.