good news

from Ed Ford (921227:1300)

To CSGnetters who've expressed an interest in my TV show for their
area, here are the other stations (not mentioned in my 921224
letter) who've expressed an interest in using my show. SOCA (S.
Carolina); GEOR (Georgia); KENT (Kent, O); CONN (Conneticut); OREG
(Oregon); ALAB (Alabama); IDAH (Idaho); ARKA (Arkansas); WNED
(Buffalo, NY); KCPT (Kansas City, Mo.); WHRO (Norfolk, VA); NDAK
(N. Dakota); WXXI (Rochester, NY); WCVE (Richmond, VA); KUAT
(Tucson, AZ); WMEA (Portland, ME); KUSH (Bozeman, Montana); KTWU
(Topeka, KS); WVPT (Harrisenberg, VA); (KEET Eureka, CA); and WNMU
(Marquette, MI).

Usually, most spring promotions are done in March. Best to call
your local station and ask for the program manager. You might
mention the show's name (Love Guaranteed With Ed Ford) and the
station that produced the show (KAET-TV, Phoenix). Again, these
stations expressed an interest in using the show, it doesn't mean
they will definitely use it. Those interested in viewing a
commercial copy of the show, it is available from Brandt Publishing
(my address below) to CSGnetters for $10 (half price) plus $2

10209 N. 56th St., Scottsdale, Arizona 85253 Ph.602 991-4860