[From Bob Clark (930428.5:00 pm EDT)]

Since I resigned my connection with the Rotorcraft Museum, I decided
to "study" the local city government.

Forest Park, Ohio:
Population about 20,000, about 30 miles north of downtown Cincinnati.
About 600 businesses, about 75 are members of the "Forest Park
Business Association."

A few years ago I helped revise the by-laws of the "Forest Park
Business Association" -- I was a member of their Board at the time.
A Legislative Committee was included then, but has not been active.
(I was busy with AARP then.) This position provides access throughout
the government. Thus, I serve as a communication channel between the
two organizations -- and have been pleased to have had a favorable
reception from both.

Forest Park's government uses a City Council-Mayor with a City
Manager. I have a copy of their Charter, which impresses me very
favorably. (At one time or another I have been involved in
writing/revising various by-laws as well as working with the results,
so I have some basis for evaluation.)

It didn't take long to identify each level of an HPCT system as it
operates. In addition, the major orientations of several individuals
were observable as they cooperated and interacted in supporting their
mutual interests. These observations are also helpful identifying
labels for the several levels.

It is fascinating to observe the way the participants think of (read:
"perceive") their own actions and interactions. By and large, their
thinking is PCT type thinking -- they have goals, personal and
community, which they are working toward achieving. It is very
straightforward -- with very little S-R contamination.

Actually, I am only just getting acquainted, but have had a lot of
help from some of the old-timers who participated in setting up the
government about 25 years ago. They have really offered a lot of
insight toward the original planning, concerns and objectives. The
community leadership has clearly done very well during this period.

If the Netters seem interested, I will offer further reports from
time to time.

Regards, Bob Clark