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[Avery Andrews 960702]

  Re the arm model, I think its main problem is that it doesn't have all
four of the DFs that control the dynamically releavnt configuration of
the arm in space (I'm assuming that the hand is irrelevant). The reason
is that we don't know how to compute the forward dynamics for the 4DF
case, so I'd like to re-issue my periodic query whether there's now anyone
out there who does. When I have some time, I'm going to do a bit of
hunting myself, some computer games, such as MechWarrior ones, have
some pretty sophisticated physics models, and there might even be
a glossy book out there with algorithms nicely coded in C!

  If it could be upgraded to 4DF, then I think it might be worth
presenting it to physiologists (who seem a lot more sensible than motor-
control people, to me) as a test of a propoposal about what the spinal
reflexes do, which is take care of the dynamic problems in arm-control.