Groups - Canada

[From Dag Forssell (920706-2)]

Hank Folson (920705)

The U.S. media/government appear to have a goal of breaking Canada up.

What do you think the rest of Canada is controlling for?

Hank, I find your post most enjoyable. But you mix speculations about the
controlled perceptions in individuals with rather large "groups" as shown
above. May I recommend Bill's article in LCSII: CT psychology and social

As a Swede with some limited knowledge of what is printed "over there" as
compared to "here at home," I have the notion that each individual reporter
writes about something S/he thinks the readers will read. I doubt that the
U.S. media is controlling for anything with respect to Canada. If "It" did,
why would it be in collusion with "governement?" When you have read Bill's
piece, you will see "media" and "governement" as well as "the rest of Canada"
as a soup of individuals. Social control systems do not exist, except as a
(pre-PCT) construct in your mind. There is only the soup of individuals!