Hal on IT, Mac demos

[From Rick Marken (940207.1500)]

Hal Pepinsky (940207.1014)--

Rather than trying to unravel error functions wouldn't it be simpler
to compare search strategies--as in sequences of choices, and
foundations of choices, of successive reference signals, simply to
compare whether disturbance error became greater or lesser from signal
to signal?

Well, it MIGHT be easier -- if I just knew what in the world you
were talking about. Who was trying to "unravel error functions"?
How do you "compare search strategies"? What do you expect the result
of such a comparison to be? What is "disturbance error"?

Oh, I get it. You're trying to be living proof that there is no
information in a disturbance about perception, or no disturbance about
perception in the information or whatever it is I've been arguing about.

OK, Gary (940207.1746 GMT), because you are still the funniest
person on CSGNet, if not in the world, I WILL try to get a Mac
version of the demos together as a tribute to you.


Rick (I nearly fell out of my chair again) Marken