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a general theory of violence:

                                    Feminist Justice--February 15, 1994

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  This weekly letter of mine to my feminist justice seminar on
  children's rights and safety is a tribute to Faye Yager,
  founder of Children of the Underground in Atlanta, who
  returned to the seminar at her own expense last night to
  share how she came to form the underground and what she has
  learned from children about child abuse internationally in
  the process.

  I wrote last fall of Faye's courage and depth of
  understanding, which the students in the seminar can assess
  for themselves. I want to use my letter of tribute to this
  visit as a vehicle for putting the phenomenon of child abuse
  into the larger context of criminology: to explain how the
  world of child abuse Faye and others are showing me fills in
  a crucial missing piece in our understanding of crime, and
  of the misdirection of criminal justice.