Hal to Clark McPhail, 10/25, noonish

Sorry Clark and Chuck. And sorry I quickly skipped over the fact that
my friends readily, spontaneously, responded much the same way, as in,
"It sounds like a mob chasing someone."

Agreed, within the realm of PCT, there is no way of discriminating
violence in any number of cases in which violence becomes readily
observable to those laying interaction we observe on a tetrahedronal
template. For instance, I readily perceive all lecturing to be
violent. I readily see that it conveys a functional equivalent of the
message a parent sends by spanking a child. I do that only by
comparing results across at least two models of control, yours and the
one I'm adding. So do friends when asked to think of some scene in
which your ring of fifteen naturally occurs.

By the way, police who drive down ghetto streets routinely see threat
and violence implied simply by kids forming rings on streetcorners.
l&p hal