Hal's one more heresy...

940226.1230 Hal pepinsky@indiana.edu further heresy re PCT

I believe it was Bill Leach who recently commented on the fallacy of
assuming we all individually are our group central tendencies (as in,
"All depressed people...").

Here's a problem for me. People tell me I must understand that PCT
means realizing one can only control one's own perceptions, which
remain apart from others' control of their own perceptions. Applying
this to any theory, I would therefore anticipate that no two theorists
in a single "school" perceive their basic constructs alike. Indeed,
here, I notice a diversity of ways apologists for PCT describe what
"we" believe. Isn't "we believe" or "we define" what Bill Powers in
particular is telling us is an illusion--the very mistake all those
other control theorists make? Could it be that there is no PCT--only
persons perceiving what it is in their own ways? l&p hal