to everyone and anyone:
    i have now come back to school and my ears are perked for the latest squabbl
e. while in dallas i drove my parent's new car. the power stearing was jacked
    because whenever i would turn the wheel it would assist and then work agains
    the direction i was moving the steering. fortunately it only opposed me
    briefly and then assist again (more help than hurt). is there a neurophysica
    disorder that is common to this. bourbon once mention to me two disorders
    that sound similar; one was when a target position was fixed (intention
    disoder?) the other was with tracking (i could tell and didn't want to test
    whether the mechanism opposed only during the motion or when the wheel was
    fixed at a certain degree.
    there is was a russian political theorist that concentrated on how most
    and the most beneficial interactions between organisms were cooperative;
    it was written counter to darwin's ideas of struggle and the social and
    political conclusions drawn from his ideas, ideas that unfortunately have
    not been played out and remain as status quo justifications for for the
    miserable lot of many. anyway, his name is was Kropokin and the book is
    Mutual Aid (stick with the title, i think i misspelled his name).

  to bourbon: that's great that your going for the journal of the experimental
    analysis of behavior. please incude my name; however, i'll admit that my par
t was minimal and my grasp shaky (i thought differently then). in fact, i
    used the ideas for my Sparta term paper; i'll send you a copy.
    the new teacher here, your replacement, is young bright graduate of UT,
    but ----i hate this computer!! $^#^#&!!---she is ECLECTIC. that wonderful
    aphorism for not taking a stand. maybe a little subterfuge is required.

  just your average lumpenproletariat

hey dr. kenneway, could you resend your "brief euro-csg" post to me directly.
i haven't recieved it for some reason.



Thanks to the help of Chuck Tucker and others I have gotten on to the
control systems net. As a point of introduction, my discipline is
sociology, although what I do could be considered interdisciplinary in

My reasons for interest in the group lies with a research background in
collective behavior, social problems, and sexual deviance. I come as an
ethnographic researcher, however I do the odd number crunching for
various projects.

I suppose the first question to ask is -- has anyone on the group other
than McPhail or Tucker used PCT in social scientific work? I am
particulary interested in any sociological studies using PCT.

I have to say that having moderated the group for two weeks now and read
two of Powers's books, I am very impressed.

Are there any members interested in neural network theory and its
applications? I am involved with a research group on campus (one
statistician, one mechanical enginneer, one electical engineer, and
myself) exploring applications to automobiles.


                                Scott Brandon
e-mail: brandon@mcmaster.ca

I have nothing of PCT content to say, but I thought I'd drop a note to let
y'all know that I do still exist despite the fact that I never get to check
out what's going on on the net. Very busy, and attempting to move into the
Neuroscience program here or elsewhere. Maybe next semester I'll be back


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