How the Brain Organizes Everything We See

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How the Brain Organizes Everything We See - Slashdot

RM: Very interesting, Ted. But what does it all mean? Is he showing
the relationship between the semantic map and the cortical map of the
words they use to describe aspects of the images? I understand how the
semantic mapping is done (using non-metric multidimensional scaling
techniques; I used to love that stuff) but I don't quite understand
how they did the cortical mapping. Do you understand it?




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Very interesting! Thanks for passing this on.

The brain maps seem to provide a visual basis for understanding how priming may work -- that is,how stimulating a semantic brain area may activate related semantic brain areas.

This assumption, I assume, could be experimentally tested by seeing if words on the map do in fact prime related words shown on the map, as compared to those in other more distant areas shown.

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