I and my Witness

[From Stefan Balke (2000.12.29)]

Bruce Gregory (2000.1228.0735)

The meaning of "I" is not defined in PCT except as the entire hierarchical
system. It is unclear what it means to say that "I did X voluntarily."
Presumably it means that the hierarchy was not coerced to do X.

Ok, I can understand this point.

The Witness
observes the hierarchy. In Bill's view the Witness can "choose" by altering
reference levels in the hierarchy.

Ughh, I never heard about the "Witness". How is the idea about the Witness
and its ability to alter reference levels precisely?

Since this interaction is not modeled in
PCT, I prefer the view that the Witness is choiceless.

Since the method of HPCT is modeling, where are the problems to model this
interaction and how can the hierarchy change reference levels, if the
Witness is choiceless?

I assume that the Witness has something to do with the process of
reorganization. Does an accurate working model of reorganization already
exist? Is it possible to proof the idea of reorganization with the methods
of PCT?

Thanks to Bruce and Rick. Your answers already led and will still lead to
some changes in my reference levels, however that works, it works.

Best regards Stefan