IAPCT web presence: volunteers needed

Dear IAPCT members and PCT enthusiasts,

There are quite some websites promoting PCT, maintained by different persons and from different angles. At the IAPCT board, we recently discussed our goal of updating our web presence of https://www.iapct.org/ into a responsive, up to date website that is easier to maintain. This discourse forum should be part of that site too.

@wmansell’s website https://pctweb.org/ also needs an update, since many links became obsolete and it is hard to maintain.

And then @Archivist Dag Forssell also expressed his wish to include his website https://livingcontrolsystems.com/ in any concerted effort.

So we’ve got multiple websites that serve the same purpose: presenting PCT to the public and acting as a portal for communication and further exploration. The website should be easy to maintain and future-proof. We consider this an important project to take care of this year.

We would love to have volunteers among our membership to take care of constructing a single website that unites these three websites. We’re open to discussing any idea for this project, and are willing to support with a financial contribution.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss contributing to this project, please contact me, evadehullu [at] gmail.com.

Kind regards,

There is a section on my site devoted to PCT. https://www.nickols.us/control theory.html

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A new posting to the PCT section of my site is titled “People as Living Control Systems: A Basic View. It’s a one-pager, half text and half diagram. Comments welcome.

The Google site I was using to make source code and programs from LCS III (and others) available no longer allows downloads after Google changed its sites formatting. If anyone with a PCT-related website would care to host this material and make it available for download, I would be happy to send the files to you.

Bruce Abbott


Google Sites really changed their formatting possibilities and now they are very restricted. However, I think that you should be able to save your source code and program files to Google Drive. You can Share them there, copy the link addresses, and make to your Sites page links to them.

Hope this helps?

Hi all,
Matias and I will be working on the iapct.org website this year, looking forward to developing a multifunctional home for all those materials. @Abbott if you send me the files, we’ll keep them safe until we’re ready to publish.
And any volunteers, wishing to learn more or add their knowledge, very welcome!

Thanks, Eetu, I’ll check that out.

Hi Eva, happy to do that. To what address do I send them?

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Dear iapct fellows following this thread.
A short update on what we’re working on.

Matias Salgado and I will be working on the iapct site over the course of this year.

The website iapct.org will over the course of this year transform into an up-to-date, responsive and pretty site that serves our many purposes.
Here’s an outline of what to expect:

The iapct.org site will serve as a frontpage for those browsing the web looking for Perceptual control theory, as well as a base for our iapct members.

The frontpage and the menu will give access to collections of posts, related to pct. The frontpage will unite and link to the current info of iapct.org as well as the relevant content of pctweb.org and probably some other sites too.

We’ll be using Wordpress, which allows us to build a rich database of pages (stable pages with information that does not age) and posts (news, articles on particular subjects sorted by date). In that way we can collect and unite the many vulnerable PCT sites on the web under a single site, preserving and providing valuable information deep into the future.

Domains within PCT, such as robotics or MOL, can have a unique landing page, for example iapct.org/theme/MOL with general information (a page) and a collection of posts tagged with MOL. These collections can grow organically over time.

Matias and I will build the site, but we have no aspirations to have a job curating the site or processing all the existing information. That means that the site must allow the involvement of multiple members who can curate and make posts and pages. That’s easy within wordpress, which is able to assign roles as administrator, editor or author.

People with a collection of articles on PCT on their current site, such as @Abbott or @Archivist might collect them at the iapct site under their own name, and tag them into the appropriate collections (e.g., BillPowers, Conference, LivingControlSystems).

We’re currently building the site prototype and will release it somewhere this year once we’re ready to go public.

So for those collectors of PCT materials willing to share them on the IAPCT site in the future:

Please wait a while before you act, we need to prepare first. We will provide you with information on how to add your own materials in the right way. Materials can be text documents (you could easily copy/paste materials into wordpress posts) but also PDF’s. Anticipate that you will be needing meta-information on each article, such as author, original publishing date, title. And pictures (landscape format) that fit the post are appreciated for a nice lay-out. There is no need to keep domain names alive for this purpose, as long as you keep access to the articles.

We’ve got a sketch of the above in this document. IAPCT website - Google Slides
Feel free to comment here or there.


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Eva, will the Wordpress site support interactive simulations? I am currently working on some that can be embedded in an HTML document and it would be nice if visitors to the site could try them out.
Bruce A.

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I sure appreciate that you and Matias are collaborating on this venture.
To me, your plan seems well thought out.
Thanks, Dag

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Hi Bruce,

Wordpress supports embedding html, so I would say that would work. If you can share an example with me I’m happy to test a single example!

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Thanks, Eva! I’m not quite finished tweaking the example I’m working on, but will send it on to you as soon as it’s done.

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