In a nut shell

[From Shannon Williams (951103)]

Bill Powers (951101.1450 MST)--

Will you tell us more about who you are and what you do?

Who I am:

        1) SWF, 5'1.5", blond, born 5/9/64
        2) BSEE Rice University, '86
        3) Masters courses in mechanical engineering, UTA '91-93'
        4) Currently I reside in Dallas, but will re-locate.

  variables controlled for:
        1) comprehension from first principles
        2) logic
        3) independence
        4) improvement

  variables controlled against:
        1) comprehension by association (fuzzy logic)
        2) romanticism
        3) blind love
        4) blind trust
        5) blind anything

   Landmarks in devlopement of my thinking (chronological):
        Transactional Analysis, Atlas Shrugged, Rational Choice In An
        Uncertain World, sci.skeptic and skeptics mailing list

Associated Behaviors:
        1) programming (job)
        2) volleyball (main social activity)
        3) reading (main activity)
        4) games (bridge, pictionary, puzzles, etc)

        books that I have read in the last year:
          1) The Society Of Mind (Minsky)
          2) Sleep (Horne)
          3) The Blind Watch Maker (Dawkins)
          4) Invisible Illusions (?)
          5) The House of Cards (Dawes)
          6) A Rudy Rucker book
          7) The Collapse of Chaos (?)
          8) Fuzzy Logic (?)
          9) More, but I cannot remember.

Do you talk with other people about PCT?

I generally talk to everyone who comes in contact with me about whatever
is on my mind. Right now, PCT is on my mind, and most of the people that
I have contact with are getting tired of hearing about it.

So this is ME in a nutshell.

Shannon aka Billie Willyams

[From Bruce Abbott (951104.0910 EST)]

Shannon Williams (951103) --

       books that I have read in the last year:
         1) The Society Of Mind (Minsky)

What did you think of it?