Income and Expenditure (and Martin's Questions)

Re: Income and Expenditure (and Martin’s
[Martin Taylor 2004.01.23.1023 (a.k.a. 111111111)]

In the spirit of Bjorn’s diagram showing real value transmission,
and Bill W’s showing only money, I humbly submit a diagram from my
1956 Bachelor’s essay, dealing with some of the transactions relating
to getting one’s newspaper and the production of paper for it.

The point of this is that the value transmissions are distinct
from being an inverse of the money transmissions, and delays (and
delay distributions) are inherent in the network. Both the value
transmissions and the money transmissions matter, and they need not be
simultaneous in any one transaction. (For “goods”, read
“goods and services” in today’s language).

The “money” arrows leading into the “Public”
box represent income, whether from employment or from share
appreciation, or whatever.

There are lots of loops here!





I've read through your thesis. I'll have to do so again, and study
it carefully before I would be prepared to comment on it. I may
have difficulty getting my mind around the information concepts,
but I've been aware of something of a corresondence between
control theory and information theory.

In the mean time I want to give you the email address of j Chen.
He is a recent math Ph.D from the university of Michigan. He
is teaching in the business school at a college in British
Columbia ( I think I've got this reasonably straight. ) His work
is at least in part devoted to the theory of the firm. The
approach he uses is an information theoretic one.

Chen's email address is:

I don't think we entirely alone in the world, but Chen feels pretty
much that he is. I think he might be especially pleased to hear
from you. He is a short, fat, awkward sort of guy who speaks terrible
English. However, as he told me, he has worked his way through
Shannon and Weaver's information theory, and Weiner's _Cybernetics_.
With his command of mathetmatics this doesn't apparently pose any

It may not be neccesary,-- well of course it isn't, but if you feel
inclined I wouldn't mind at all comment on recent CSGnet stuff--
especially the "Rick's World" thread. Maybe Bill Powers has recognized
that what Rick's been upto isn't in touch with reality. Anyway, if
you are inclined I'd welcome comment, but I am somewhat confident that
the situation may improve now.

Bill Williams