Internet Browsing; Eudora

[from Gary Cziko 950223.0311 GMT]

For those of you wanting to learn more about connecting directly to the
Internet to use programs such as Gopher and World-Wide Web browsers such as
Mosaic and Netscape, I recommend the March 1994 issue of _Internet World_
(if you can't find a copy, send a message to the publisher

The article starting on page 58 is especially informative. It explains
what SLIP/PPP connections are (to connect your machine directly to the
Internet) as well as describes programs such as The Internet Adaptor (TIA;
which converts a standard Unix shell acount into a pseudo-SLIP account) and
SlipKnot (which allows Windows users to browse the Web graphically if they
have the popular Lynx browser program installed on their host system.

Also mentioned is the wonderul e-mail program Eudora which can work on both
SLIP and non-SLIP accounts for both Windows and Macintosh. The nicest
feature of Eudora is that it can automatically sort your incoming mail into
appropriate mailboxes according to criteria you set in advance concerning
the sender and/or subject of each message (I don't know how I would handle
the hundreds of e-mail messages I receive each week without it).

There are free versions of Eudora available from
ftp.qualcomm/qust/mac/eudora or /qust /windows/eudora.