Introducing Myself

Hello All!

My name is Ray Jackson and I'm the Manufacturing Training and Education
Manager at the Motorola Computer Group in Tempe, Arizona. My background is in
education and, like all good teachers, I've always been fascinated by the
psychology of learners. I'm finishing up my Master's at Grand Canyon
University where I work closely with Tom Hancock, who introduced me to PCT (as
a science beyond Glasser). I've also been in touch with Ed Ford. Tom and Ed
introduced me to this network, which I've been on for about two weeks. It is
really a wonderful opportunity to get a window into what gets bounced around
out here.

For the past two years, my work at MCG is primarily cultural change through
education. What I'm finding is EVERYONE in the country is trying to change
their "corporate culture", but few do it successfully because they ignore the
psychological aspects of empowerment. As behaviorism is the engine for
autocracy, PCT provides an understanding of empowerment that goes far beyond
the widespread superficial notions. Failing to recognize this does nothing
more than alienate people as they go through the motions of empowerment within
the autocratic mindset.

All my internal consulting, including the formal teamwork curricula I've
contructed, is firmly rooted in PCT - inasmuch as I can understand and
articulate it to the leaders and team members in the plant. For the most part,
though, I will admit that my PCT knowledge is mostly intuitive. But my formal
understanding is growing daily, and I hope soon to be an active contributor on
the net.

Finally, Bill, thanks for your vision and your accessiblity. Happy belated
birthday, as well. Hope to exchange views with you soon.

Best to All,


Ray L. Jackson 602-963-6474
3613 W. Saragosa St.
Chandler, Az 85226!rljackson