Invitation to editorial team

As you may know, IAPCT is in process, over time, of assuming responsibility for Living Control Systems Publishing, the publishing business that Dag Forssell has been operating for years. I have been appointed managing editor.

We need more volunteers to participate in copy editing a major publication, Powers of Perceptual Control (PPC) by Martin Taylor. Typeset, this will be about 1600 pages, about 400 pages for each of four volumes. The more who participate, the lighter and faster the work.

We will do this in the Google Docs environment, with ‘Suggest’ mode turned on. Dag is still sorting out figure and table numbering. Expect to begin work the week of the 20th of this month.

We are an equal opportunity employer, and you will be paid at the same rate that I am, in the coin of our realm: good collective control of perceptions that are important to all of us in IAPCT. High quality publications enhance the public image of IAPCT, with benefit to your reputational credit as an advocate
and representative of PCT in your field.

Please write to me directly at and indicate your availability over the next four or five months.


We will commence the proofreading of PPC this week. If you’re going to read it anyway, why not start now? The ‘Suggesting’ tool in Google Docs is very easy to use and to flag typographical errors and other copy-editing issues will require very little time and energy over and above the reading.

Please let me know if you are willing to help.