Is this The Test ? Reinforcer II

[From Rick Marken (970829.1745)]

Rupert Young (970822.1300) --

I bet there are many other examples of researchers doing The
Test or PCT in the life sciences without them realising.

i.kurtzer (972897)

NO, one cannot do the Test without realizing it...A push does
not a Test make, nor a push and a noting all possible

isaac is absolutely right, for the right reasons.

Why are they cloning sheep? We need more isaacs!!

Bill Powers (970829.1643 MDT) to Bruce Abbott --

Fine. The next step, I presume, is to follow the effect of
the reinforcer on through the system to the output, assuming
that the reference signal is held constant.

Man, you are one glutton for punishment;-)

But hippo birdy two ewes!




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