July Meetings - Procrastinators 'R Us

[Dan Miller (930615.1200)]

Bill Powers,

You've got my number. I have postponed this commitment too long,
but not totally. My conference fees are in the works. The check
will be in the mail ASAP. Barbara and I will be arriving in Durango
on Tuesday, July 27th, hungry and thirsty after a day in some Anasazi

Also, I will spend a couple of days in Santa Fe talking to the complexity
wonks. They have it all wrong. Their social and economic systems ideas
are more scattered than those of structural sociologists. We will see if
there is an elective affinity between them and PCT.



Hans Blom and Oded Maler,

Your analogies from cells to biological systems (to individual and social
systems) is very interesting. It was enjoyable to read, but I'm not
altogether convinced. I would prefer to discuss these problems as
social interactions or social processes. Interacting control systems and
collective control systems can engage in some interesting, important, and
essential social acts. But I do not think that social organizations like
the Control Systems Group act like control syste. But I am willing to
be convinced otherwise. Discussions at this year's conference should be

Dan Miller