Korzybski and HPCT

( Gavin
Ritz 2010.

After reading Bill’s response to Kenny about the principle he
used to identify the levels it got me thinking.

The question I asked what exactly are the
HPCT levels above the first three.

Korzybski answered this for me; I went back to one of the diagrams from Korzybski’s article Non-Aristotelian
Systems and General Semantics.

Eureka !!! It’s Bill’s concept of what he thinks Reality is. It’s an
assumption of Reality.

That’s why it has so many similar facets
to other models that I know and yet described so differently.

It has most of the logical connectives
which are supposedly a facet of reality, but it lacks things like qualities or openness
or creativity etc

Could HPCT be an inferential description
of Reality, yes it could be?

My interpretation is that reality is probably
not a hierarchy but a paradoxical categorical open alive demarcated creative
abundant parsimonious wholeness.

Yes there are no words for it because the
nature of reality is the world of words (W) and not words (not W) and all the
logical connectives that combine W and not W.