LCS Course: Study Guide for Chapter 4

[From Rick Marken (2014.03.21.1610)]

This chapter is about fitting the control model described in Chapter 3 (the Live Block demo) to actual tracking data. The assignment for this chapter is to run the TrackAnalyze program which can be downloaded as one of the LCS III files at:


What we would like you to do is a few practice runs with the difficulty level of the disturbance at 1. Once you feel comfortable with the task set the disturbance difficulty to 3 and collect data using that difficulty setting. Then press the "Analyze Data" button to see the results of your tracking run. Then to fit the control model to you data press the "Auto fit" button and the computer will find parameters for the model that best fit your data.
We would then like you to post your data as a reply to the email. The data we would like to see are the following values, which are displayed in the Analysis window of the program:
Input Delay
Damping Constant
Model % RMS Error
Output Gain
Reference Signal
Tracking % RMS Error
We would like to see what kinds of individual differences in the model parameter values and in how well the model fits the data (measures by Model % RMS Error).
We promise to take less than a month to get through Chapter 4;-)
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