LCS-I questions

<[Bill Leach 940925.14:20 EST(EDT)]

Bill Powers

Bill, I am trying to work my way through LCS-I now and have a few questions
as I progress. I realize that possibly some of these questions may have
been answered in other reading or even here on the net since I started
following same... however, if not too involved I would appreciate your
addressing these (or at least steering me in the right direction).

In Part-II/Conflict Theory:

You mention "virtual-reference" level. Is there a known mechanism for
this? I am having trouble visualizing how two references can be applied to
the same control loop.

Has any experimental work been possible with the idea of multiple control
systems for the same function (ie: The "older" control loop mentioned in
Part-II/Conflict Theory).

Finally, by our postulated definition of consciousness, putting both or
all the conflicted systems into the state of consciousness is the only way
to start the N-system to work changing them.

I think I am missing something here or at least this makes me think that I
am missing something somewhere... I presumed that the N-system is the
reorganizing function. If so, then are you saying the reorganizing system
is susceptable to volitional activation?

Probably more later... thanks,