LCS website update

[From Dag Forssell (2005 11 23 17:10 PST)]

I have spent a good part of my day updating the LCS website.

Erling Jorgensen's essay on the Frame Problem is featured at the bottom of this page
as well as here
leading to

David Goldstein's contribution to the Festschrift is now in place and the text in Mary's history of PCT has been cleaned up some. I have polished most of the web pages in the Festschrift.

I have mailed Dan Miller, asking for the file he submitted for the Festscrift, but which Lloyd unfortunately never saved at the time.

Others who want to contribute to the Festschrift are welcome to submit entries. There is no time limit as such. The Festschrift will be posted at when I get to it.

I am now reselling Bill's books in collaboration with Benchmark Publications as shown here

I have updated the samples from Tim's MOL book to reflect the editing so far, which is very nearly final at this point. Bruce Nevin has done a fine job.

Best, Dag