Looking through the Powers archive at Northwestern

[From Bruce Abbott (2018.10.16.1400 EDT)]

Some of us who attended this year’s IAPCT conference at Northwestern last week took the opportunity to review some of the Bill Powers documents that have been archived in the library there. I had only about two hours available to spend there but nevertheless did find some useful information, which I photographed using my cell phone camera. These included an apparently unpublished paper by Bill Powers and Richard Kennaway (2000) on the computation of kinematic and dynamic inverses, a letter to Science by Emilio Bizzi and colleagues replying to a letter submitted by Bill, and a printout that evidently once accompanied a floppy disk containing Bill’s Little Man simulation. The latter includes some explanatory comments that are not present in the version of Bill’s code that I have for Little Man and are very helpful in understanding what some of the less transparent sections of the code are doing.

There were a few others examining the archives when I arrived there, and I am wondering if anyone else found information there worth mentioning here on CSGnet.