[From Richard Thurman (2004.12.20.1100)]

Kenny Kitzke (2004.12.10,11:00

Rich Thurman was
working on a new CSG journal. If no one else would want to write
an article on >MOL for it, I would be amenable to trying it.
Where do you stand Rich, if you are lurking?



Kenny I am indeed lurking, but way behind on email. I am
going to make a concerted effort to catch up and then maybe contribute
to CSGnet more.

For those who speculate why us lurkers don’t contribute more to
CSGnet, let me just say, its not because of fear of getting censured
for PCT incorrectness, nor is it a matter of disliking the
personalities of certain major contributors. I like learning
PCT, I like the discussions on CSGnet, and I have read every posting
on CSGnet (although I don’t always understand them) since about 1996.
I (for the most part) enjoy the passion and commitment to PCT that
most everyone exhibits.

The major reason I don’t contribute more is because I’m too
darned slow! By the time I finally get to read a certain CSGnet
posting its many days cold and its too late to contribute in a timely
manner. (Oh, its true that sometimes I get caught up and I am
up-to-date for a day or two, but its usually when there is a lull in
the conversation and nobody is talking anyhow.) But I do read
every single posting.

But why am I always so late to the party? I can only say I
have ball and chain around my leg that keeps dragging me (or more
accurately keeps me dragging it) and keeps me from exploring PCT in a
more timely fashion. The culprit is called Tenure (actually
the lack thereof). So… until that blessed event occurs (or
not) I’m afraid I will continue to be a late-blooming lurker.

Best wishes,

Rich Thurman