Management, Leadership and PCT

One way to spread PCT is to share its ideas in order to improve management and leadership practices.

I have just carefully read Dag Forssell’s 92 page booklet titled Management and Leadership: Insight for Effective Practice (Hayward, CA: Living Control Systems Publishing, 1993-2007), and have found it to be an excellent source of PCT ideas for managers and leaders of organizations.

I highly recommend its use for training managers and leaders and mention it here in the hope that bringing attention to it will help increase its use as well as to remind readers of the relevance of PCT to management (this being something that Fred Nickols, Kenny Kitzke, and some others are well aware of also). As Dag indicates, an understanding of PCT can help managers to effectively guide, coordinate, and influence others in a respectful way to achieve desired outcomes. Among other things, ways of avoiding and resolving conflict are included in the guidelines provided.

If you are interested, have a look and perhaps consider how others may benefit from it and the ideas of others who have written about PCT and management.