Marketing of PCT

(Gavin Ritz

I have been in business on
my own account for probably 25 years and previous to this I worked as a geotechnical

I’ve spent long
periods in at least 4 or 5 sectors of the economy. And for some period owned a recruitment
company which covered a dozen sectors. Daily interaction and interviewing
hundreds of people gave me a unique peek into the behaviours of individuals.

  •  I have owned a
    hardware manufacturing business
  •  Recruitment and human
    resources company
  •  Exotic
    semi-conductor company
  •  Property development
    and investment business
  •  Also worked for telecommunications
    giant as a Human Resources Manager
  •  Financial Investment
  •  Education and
  •  Wholesale fashion Cosmetics
    and promotions business

We all sell something
that others desire, want, need, long-for, covet whatever. In PCT speak, we
control to keep our perceptions matching reference images of what those perceptions
should be.

In business I have found
we have only 5 cards to play with and a deficiency (it’s like Liebig’s Law) in any one will cause the business to eventually fail.
For simplicity I just call the one that interacts with the demand of the market
“demand” and it includes a whole bunch of things.

What I do is match (and
it’s never perfect, it’s actually messy) simply because what people
control for is pretty much distinctively unique for them. So it’s like a
lock and key but the key is more skeleton like. It opens a few locks well and
others not at all.

I try make distinctions
with, quantities (like age, geographics, actual measures) and qualities (
I have identified 7 distinct areas, ie distinctions), I am unable to say
specifically what this is in terms of PCT but I guess it’s a controlled variable
that a lot of people control for. I have no idea why. Over the years I profiled
thousands of people, in some cases it’s so accurate I told a candidate that
she really would probably love to drive a red BMW, she almost fell over backwards
because she told me she did.

The qualities have a very
fascinating quality they are mirror like but opposites, like positive and negative
charges. One does not exist without the other sort of.

But the academic thinking
world is slightly different they actual control for mainly creativity and
recognition (and their opposites). Which are 2 of the qualities in the 7.

Now it’s hard to convince
those who are controlling for the same thing to accept another thing. Right has
nothing to with it.

It’s like a mental emotional
war, with mental resistances and blockages at every turn.

There is another very key
issue in trade with people and that’s honesty and trust and building of mutual
obligation. In fact without this one all the others are pretty much bobbing like
a cork on a wild ocean.

For PCT to make big
inroads into the minds of both the general public and the academic world it is
required to solve just one problem in a way that everyone gets it. In other
words it unleashes forces (with their fluxes) that overwhelms the mental and
emotional resistances and gives those that covet, desire, for this problem to
be solved massive satisfactions, pleasures. (Massive and rapid error reduction,
for this particular reference state, which was there sort of semi-permanently).

Kind regards