McCarthyism, Beliefs

[From Rick Marken (981227.0940)]


If Mr. Dershowitz were able to look at the phenomenon of
McCarthyism through a scientific model (like PCT) instead of a
political agenda he might be able to see that what he did to
(or condoned with) Fuhrman is precisely what Starr is doing to

Bruce Gregory (981226.2210 EDT)

I'm not sure why you think understanding PCT would alter
Dershowitz's behavior, however.

I don't think it _would_; I said it _might_. But I won't hold
my breath;-)

Richard Kennaway (941226.2243 GMT)

What are beliefs, then?

Bruce Gregory (981226.1835 EDT)

Good question. Maybe Bill or Rick will enlighten us.

I think a belief is the reference state of an imagined

Bruce Gregory (981227.0740 EDT)--

One way to approach beliefs is to separate them into two broad
categories--those we have evidence to support and those we embrace
despite a lack of evidence.

I agree. Some beliefs (like the belief that f = ma) can be
tested against evidence; other beliefs cannot -- even in principle
(such as the belief that some things should be believed without
any evidence -- belief in the importance of faith). This is a
principle level belief, I think, that is apparently quite popular.

Most people seem to have little interest in subjecting their
beliefs to tests.

And, as I said, some people even _believe_ that doing so is wrong.





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