MCI/ATT Mails Finis; ANN. REV. PSYCHOL. atricle

From Greg Williams (930309)

Thanks to all who offered help on my MCI Mail -> ATT Mail problems.
The "forwarding" (using %) trick worked fine! Thanks to Bruce Nevin
especially for being first to suggest it. Gary C., you'll have to be
quicker next time (:>>). By the way, Gary, the problem was not with
ATT -- just arcane addressing and MCI Mail refusing to send to ATT
Mail via INTERNET (except with the % trick). So now we all know....

New reference to PCT and related work: Paul Karoly, "Mechanisms of
Self-Regulation: A Systems View," ANNUAL REVIEW OF PSYCHOLOGY 44,
1993, 23-52. Even cites LIVING CONTROL SYSTEMS! Wow!! And claims that
it was edited by R.S. Marken!!! Ouch!!!! Oh, well, I suppose Rick
could use some academic brownie points. I surely don't need any. The
bottom line on Karoly: lots of devil's bibliography quotes. For example
(p. 30):

  Based upon a century-old insight attributed to William James (cf Powers
  1989), that humans are 'unique' in nature because they can produce
  consistent ends by variable means, a number of contemporary (post-
  1960) models of dynamic self-regulation have been developed under the
  imprimatur of cognitive theory, control/systems science, cognitive
  social learning, or European action theory. All presume that on-line
  regulation is a dynamic process, continuous and holistic rather than
  linear, built upon the operation of feedback [now hang on] (knowledge
  of results) and feedforward (stand-produced disequilibrium) [say what?]
  , sensitivity to action-produced environmental changes, the accessibility
  of goal representations [?], and a capacity for the selective
  mobilization of energy [damn straight, if they're going to move around!],
  attention, and relational judgment.

And so it goes....

As ever (even as Pat and the kids STILL have the flu -- remarkable!),