MEETING NOTICE: less than 3 weeks to the 2017 CSG conference, August 4-5

[Lloyd Klinedinst (2017.07.17.07:28 CDT)]

It is less than 3 weeks to the 2017 CSG conference, August 4-5.

To be a member eligible to participate in this conference your dues need to be current by August 1.

Current membership is $60 annually, $30 for students. All who become or renew as members before the meeting will be eligible to vote at the meeting.

  1. Send note to become member with your check for $60 or $30 to Dr. Richard S. Marken, 10459 Holman Ave, Los Angeles CA 90024-6012


2 Electronic Transfer

ABA routing number (for domestic wires): 121000248 SWIFT/BIC number (for international wires): WFBIUS6S

Bank: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. 420 Montgomery SanFrancisco, CA 94104 1 800 225-5935

Account: 8479248000 The Control Systems Group

We will be posting our suggested tentative agenda during this coming week. One of its agenda items includes management of its ‘assets’ - one of which is CSGnet. I know there is considerable interest on the possible developments of this asset.

I am currently serving as Acting President because our President, Fred Good, has been diagnosed with cancer and may be unable to serve as President at the coming meeting.

You may access updates about Fred at

search for Fred Good and sign in …

May the remarkable work of William T. Powers continue and prosper through this transition of organizational reassessment at the 2017 CSG conference.

Be well.