Method of Levels (MOL) training course (in Spanish)

Hi all,
I am happy to announce that a Spanish MOL training course will be launched soon. It is called “MOL in ACTION” (MOL en ACCIÓN), and it will consist 100% of practicing MOL among mental health professionals, both with live sessions and different excercises.
It is going to be delivered online starting August 2022 (4 meetings, on a monthly basis).
More info at: MOL IN ACTION
Instagram & Facebook: @remindweb
Feel free to send me DM if you want to participate in any sort of way, or if you know any Spanish speaking health professional that may be interested.


Good luck Matias!

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I just wanted to let you know that there is a new asynchronous MOL introductory training course available in Spanish. You can check it out here

I have made this training free for IAPCT members who are interested in discussing MOL and PCT in Spanish. Please send an email to and I will grant you full access.


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