Missing mail From T. Baines?

[From: Chris Love (920910.1400)]
[To: Thomas Baines (920909)]

Hi Thomas,
  Thanks for the response. However, for some reason or
another I am missing your mail in response to Child
care magic, which Bill posted a few days ago. Some other
mail from my colleagues here, never appeared either, in
particular my message yesterday. That is to say, it appears
I may not be getting everything. If you could summarize
what this topographic folding concerns I would be happy to
comment on it if I can.

  I did find two posting from you over the last few days;
one concerns your child upbringing titled [920909.1020],
Sciences and ideoligies - I and another short one
[920909.12:22] - Dealing with children, but neither talks
about this folding topographies, etc. that you mention in
your response posting to me [920909], Imagination objectives.

  Hope to hear from you soon,
Chris Love. (DCIEM)