Missing mails

I think I may have forwarded one of them twice. I'm sure you will spot it, if that's teh case.

Happy New Year.



On 2016/12/31 10:45 PM, Dag Forssell wrote:


How about forwarding them, one at a time? That way I will have six emails to add to the archive. An alternative may be for me to post a log.

Funny characters are caused by the fact that Eudora is not UTF-8 compatible. Not a big problem. Copying from Eudora into Word brings out the proper characters. The code is there, just not the ability to display properly.

Best, Dag

At 10:31 PM 12/30/2016, you wrote:

Sorry, but I don't have a redirect function. what I did was to click on "Send as attachments", which I assumed would give you the six separate messages as I received them in six separate attachments. Apparently it didn't. It seems to have included the full header and done something with the character set that I don't understand. I've no idea where all those Danish "A-circle" characters came from. The headers shouldn't cause you trouble to edit out any unwanted lines for the six(?) messages, and just skimming quickly, most, but not all, of the A-circles seem to be additions rather than substitutions.

I don't know what to suggest as a next step. I could copy the text into a message I send you, but then you would have the wrong headers, and we might still have problems with the character set, since at this end everything looks fine in the messages before they were attached.