From Bob Clark (931223.2220 EST)

A few weeks ago, Bill, you asked if I was acquainted with "The Art of
Memory" by Frances A Yates. As you know, it is a pretty impressive
and thorough treatment of the history of methods of memorizing. It
describes historical variations on a basic concept with nothing of a
theoretical nature. The methods would work, I am sure, but have only
limited application.

The book I spoke of, "Stop Forgetting," Bruno Furst, Revised by Lotte
Furst and Gerrit Storm," 1972, Doubleday, Garden City, New York is
much more thorough. It includes several important theoretical
concepts that should be examined for possible modification. Several
different methods and applications are provided, as well as examples
and exercises. Suitable for a class such as I attended in the late

Much more useful and interesting than Yates.

Unfortunately I lost my copy some time ago. And now I find it is out
of print -- verified by Doubleday.

I now have a copy borrowed from the Cincinnati Public Library.

I am very distressed at the situation.

I urge you, and anyone else interested in memory for any reason, to
look for this book. Try your Public Libraries, Universities and

We can also search for comparable alternatives -- a preliminary look
is discouraging. Let me know if you find anything promising.

Regards, Bob Clark

Partial List of Topics:

What Do We Remember?
How Do We Remember?
Association -- Intellect and Imagination
Concentration -- Interest and Motivation
How to Organize Material for Better Remembering
Memory as a Filing system
Practical Application
The Chain Method
Application to Stories, Books, Speeches
The Hook Method
Names and Faces
Application in Teaching