Mother Pelican ~ December 2010

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Mother Pelican - A Journal of Sustainable Human Development
Volume 6, Number 12, December 2010
Human Development is the Heart of Christmas

Page 1. Editorial ~ Sustainable Human Development started in Bethlehem
Page 2. First Steps toward a Theory of Shit, Ina Praetorius
Page 3. Gender and Theology in Africa Today, Mercy Amba Oduyoye
Page 4. What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism,
         Fred Magdoff/John Bellamy Foster
Page 5. Heresy and the Creation of Monsters, Judith Curry
Page 6. The Economics of 350, Frank Ackerman et al
         Returning to 350 ppm CO2, Paul Baer
Page 7. Concentrated Wealth and the Purchase of Political Power,
         Charles Hugh Smith
Page 8. Patriarchy and Violence, by Robert G. Hewitt
Page 9. The "Good New Days" in a Non-Growing Economy, by Rob Dietz

1. Advances in Sustainable Development
2. Directory of Sustainable Development Resources
3. Sustainable Development Simulation (SDSIM) Version 1.3

Please forward this notice to friends and associates who might be interested. Submission of research papers at the intersection of sustainable development and human development is cordially invited.


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