Mother Pelican - Journal of Sustainable Human Development - August2011

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Martin Lewitt 2011 August 13 0957 MDT –

Land value taxation forces
people living communally on their own land to participate in the free
market system in order to obtain legal tender. The preponderance of land
value taxation in the United States oppresses those who don’t want to
participate in the system.

That’s just awful, but think about my problems, beside which yours
fade into insignificance. In the first place, consider the highway system
in which I am forced to participate by driving on straight flat roads,
without regard to the direction I want to go and without the option of
having fun by bouncing up and down. I’m required to participate in the
retail system by paying, yes paying, for my food and entertainment
without being given any control over what kinds are available and with
whom I have to deal in getting them. When I want to look at the beautiful
mountains around here, I find trees and government buildings in the way,
and I am not allowed (on pain of severe and unfair punishment) to remove
these unsightly obstacles to my viewing. I am forced to participate in
group viewing of the evening news on television, because the scheduling
of programs is decided by somebody else with no regard for when I decide
for myself to do so. I could go on and on about this, because there
appears to be no concern on anyone’s part that my life be ordered as I
see fit, instead of by the oppressive, selfish, and immoral whims of
others. Why aren’t my wishes anticipated and fulfilled by those whose
irresponsible behavior interferes with me at every turn? All I ask is
that I be left alone to behave any way I want, when I want, and where I
want, and that that my personal liberty be given the respect it deserves
by all those with less sensitivity to issues of personal independence
than I have, which means essentially everyone but me. Even you, Martin,
are just an ineffectual whiner in comparison with my mastery of the
Injustice Mode. Why don’t you just refuse to pay those taxes and stand
your ground like a Real Man? And by the way, what is the address of that
property, and its current market value?

Yours in indignation and protest,

Bill P.

P.S. What is the local newspaper near you that publishes announcements of
tax sales? Just a random thought, you know.