Multidimensional modelling AND Manchester Conference ...

Ditto on the ferment in UK, especially Warren Mansell and some of his students. In support of this, see, his Word document (Mansell - 3rd Year Undergraduate Course.doc) which is included in the zip file I made available a few days ago.

Bobbie and I got home about 23.5 hours after awakening in Manchester yesterday - a thoroughly invigorating and promising conference. Cheers to Tim Carey and Warren Mansell for arranging the event.



On Nov 2, 2007, at 1:29 AM, Bill Powers wrote:

[From Bill Powers (2007.11.02.0600 MDT)] –

Just a few minutes to dash off a post before breakfast on this fourth very busy day. We have many strong allies here at the University of Manchester. They are eager to learn more and are doing well at absorbing PCT. Warren Mansell is a trememdous find.

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