My regrets


By mistake I seem to have posted to the net a message that contains material that Marc Abrams posted to me.

I regret having done so, and I'm grateful to Marc for not being furious with me. An attitude which my clumsiness would more than justify.

As I have said in previous posts, I returned to active participation on the CSGnet because it seemed to me that the discussions were now less
dependent upon, and deferential to Bill Powers. I perceived Marc as a part of that change.

In the economic test bed thread so far I've emphasized my concern regarding coming to an understanding about how to proceed in regard to a
consideration of econmic questions that are in the realm of belief. It was, and still is my concern that before entering into this realm of belief-- a
realm where all the rules can become meaningless, I wanted there to be a measure of mutual understanding. A greater measure of
understanding than has been the norm in the past. Now as a result of my clumsiness the discussion, if it continues, concerning such an
understanding will be conducted in terms which perhaps can be described as "full and frank." Perhaps some good will come of it.

Bill Williams

from [Marc Abrams (2003.12.07.0858)]

The anniversary of Pearl Harbor. How appropriate. :slight_smile:

Actually, I'm kind of glad those posts were made public. It shows that I'm
not two-faced and don't say anything behind someone's back that I would not
say to their face.

I appreciate Bill's apology, but none is needed. He has addressed this forum
with sincerity and passion. As they say, " &^&% happens". Time to move on.

No Bryan, I'm not leaving the list. :slight_smile: